A Story of Conversion…

“Okay, so you got me here! Now what do you want me to do?” This could potentially be the sentiment of your customers/audience, but you can fix that!

Do you have this problem with your digital banner ads and/or call-to-actions (CTAs) on your landing pages? Do you find it challenging to convert prospects into your purchase funnel? You started by crafting compelling content on your blog or site that packs a powerful punch of interest and drives traffic, but once there, users stumble on moving through that next doorway to conversion. In many cases they move on and you have not accomplished your real goal – getting them to click! You have to focus on having your potential customers/audience react to that next action, which should encompass a purchase, subscription or inquiry. We find that there are so many businesses out there that have not really looked at their strategy for how best to convert people on their site, but have some of the best, informative content out there. There are many criteria in delivering a killer CTA. Here are three essential points that will get you on the right path.

3 Ways to Get Them To Click

1. Placement of Your Call-To-Action (CTA):  When your customers/audience arrives to your site they should be visually drawn to the conversion banner or call-to-action button. This encompasses placement, size and proportion of the CTA in comparison to the overall content on the page. Think of it as entering a building and directing the person to your office door. Direct them through the main lobby (your big picture info), to the elevator (your tagline/subtitle and secondary info), to your office (call-to-action element that will directly invite an action of purchase/subscribe/inquiry). Each step should carry over to the next in a sequential hierarchy that builds momentum.

2. Impact of Messaging, Graphics and Color:  The CTA element needs to standout and create a single, visual announcement that this is something that must not be missed. The content needs to be succinct and clear so keeping with the “less is more” philosophy will do you well. If the background is white, make sure the graphic jumps to the visual foreground, or if the product is taking center stage, keep a light background as an enticing solution. The idea is that your CTA is the star on the page surrounded by a great cast of characters – your content. When selecting images that draw you in, choose something that adds to the emotional fuel to move your audience to click and does not confuse, overwhelm or create an overly busy effect. Color needs to reflect your brand’s voice and also provide subconsciousness of action. Remember that when creating CTA buttons, color can make or break your conversion rate.

3. Create an Urgency for Action:  Don’t allow your audience to ponder too long. Whether it is setting up a deadline for purchase, or a value-added proposition offered in a specified period of time, you want them to feel compelled to click NOW! The feeling should be reminiscent of exiting a building through two double doors. Moving your audience through the first door was determined by following the above two points, #1 and #2, effectively. Now, to incite them to move through this small space and get them to the next set of doors (a purchase/subscribe or inquiry), your request should be powerful. Nobody wants to stand between these two doors for long… they want to move. Create that “NOW” moment. Answer the, why today? and why now? questions your customers/audience are already asking!

The above strategies should get you thinking about that single, solitary goal you have to accomplish with your conversion pages… just get them to CLICK IT!

Do you have other concerns with your conversions? We would love to hear them and try to answer them as best as we can. If you don’t ask, we can’t help!