This is my fledgling post for this new blog series. For the most part it will be a series dedicated to you! Dedicated to speaking to your spirit, your being, and that in many cases is what all of us need – to be uplifted and fed good wholesome foods into our system. We often digest in our minds, hearts and spirit junk content all day providing empty calories. It may get a huge amount of engagement, likes and shares (be extremely viral), it may cause some curiosity and sensationalism, but in the end it is wasted calories with no fuel for growth, inspiration or sustainable joy.

I have been on the fringe for a while noticing the stream of what I am calling ‘dead’ content fill up my feeds. It does not provide anything more than melodrama. And hey, that sells… or does it?

Like anything, in the beginning it seems oh so wonderful and filled with excitement. But then you start to look for some lasting contentment, some fulfilling resolve, something that feeds you for more than the minute or so that it occupies your mind, but it doesn’t really measure up.

So I took a big step back and started questioning, searching within my own soul and character, what my true gifts where, what I had to offer. What was my gift I had to share? I enjoy the marketing, media circle. There is certainly always something to learn there, and even more to create, but it was missing something for me, a real sense of truth.  I live in the brand world; I know the magnitude of spin. And yes all brands have spin even in the best ways, but I wanted to focus on something more. I wanted to focus on you. People seem to share with me that they felt I provided them some hope, positive support and they certainly provided it back to me! What people were asking from me most of the time was my genuine heart and discernment, my take on being positive even when bad things are falling down all around you (boy do I know that feeling), my true belief that, “Yes, YOU ARE BETTER THAN YOU THINK!”, “REALLY!”.

I can’t tell you enough how much better you are. Sure you have those layers, the ones you show to the world, the ones someone told you that you are, but you are even more than that. You have an amazing gift that was given just to you. It is your task in this life to discover it and go out and multiply it. Often it is hard to discover it. It is scary! You may question, what if it isn’t true and what if I don’t know it is even there? But if you take the time to weed through the muck, through those traumas, those images of self-doubt you will find the you that is far more powerful, more enigmatic then you ever even thought – the you, you were meant to be!

The path is this… If you find this gem about who you truly are then it is up to you to share it and act in that gift so that it multiplies. This is the single most fact you should know. Sometimes you may think, “Hey, I know what that is,” and it is very challenging to get it to any degree of success. I would say this was a stepping stone to the true you, but you haven’t really found the gold, yet. Keep uncovering, it is there.

The gold just comes forth; the work is easy and without stress or forced effort. It just rises out of you and gives you joy in the pursuit of it alone. No feedback or results are needed to have this kind of joy. What ends up happening is by fulfilling your own purpose you end up producing successful results easily and simply, without exertion of great effort. I am not saying you don’t have to work but the work doesn’t feel like work it flows from you as an extension of you. This is the true better than ever YOU!

So I challenge you in some way to reach down through the muck and find this. Don’t reach for something you think you should be, or something someone told you or wants you to be, but find the “better than you think you are” truth in you!! I want you to find that kind of joy, and you can. You can find this joy outside of anything that is coming to you from the world. More than money, more than anything from other people, and even more than any outside validating accolades you may achieve. It will just be, because it stems from within the true you, from what was put in your heart and soul from birth.

We all learn and get inspired from each other’s personal story. If you would like to share how you discovered your “better than you think you are”, we’d love to hear it!