Adobe Muse Cancelled

Your website is no longer supported!

If you’re reading this, it’s because your website was built using Adobe Muse. On May 20, 2019, Adobe announced that it shut down their Muse product and will no longer be supporting it. That means that your website will no longer have support, updates, security and bug fixes or improvements.

What You Need To Do Now

Convert your Adobe Muse site into WordPress.

To ensure that your website isn’t affected, you will need to either build a new website from scratch -OR- convert your existing Muse site into WordPress. The problem is that there are no tools that will complete this entire technical transfer easily.

Until Now!!!

The Solution

New WordPress Website In 24 HRS

We have developed the tools and technology to replicate your Adobe Muse website into a nearly identical, safe and secure WordPress version quickly. Our completely U.S. based team will handle everything and move your current website content, functionality and design over to a safe WordPress website quickly and without any hassles!

Copy Current Files

We copy and download your website design, data and layout files to ensure everything is securely backed up.

Need New Hosting?

If you need a hosting solution, don’t worry, we have options to handle all of that quickly and easily.

Build WordPress Site

Using the converted website files, we bring them into your new WordPress built site.

Bug Fixes Handled

We check for any bugs, design or functionality issues and make the corrections manually.

Your Hosting Server

If your current web hosting has WordPress support, we will set it up with your existing web host provider.

Convert Your Site

Our experienced U.S. team use our technology to convert your website files to required WordPress formats.

Double Check

We make sure that everything looks and works just as it did in the old Muse version.

Your Site Goes Live

Once everything is completed, we bring your new WordPress website live online.

Muse Conversion Options

*Disclaimers: It is important to note that not all websites are created the same. Some functionality or design element on one platform may not carry over to another platform in an identical way. Some features of your Muse site may not be able to be carried over to your new WordPress site. The above Muse conversions do not include e-commerce system conversion or other more complex functions. The foundation of the Muse to WordPress site conversions offered above are for basic web pages and site functions that do not require custom coding to be functional. Project completion time may vary from customer to customer depending on their site and customer volumes.

Why should you move to WordPress?

WordPress is the current standard platform for most websites on the Internet today.  With proper updates and administration, WordPress sites are safe, efficient, and maintainable.  WordPress has so many plugins available that you can build virtually any design or functionality you desire and there are millions of WordPress professionals available to help you.

What’s The Risk?

If you choose to do nothing with your current Muse website, there are some risks that arise in light of Adobe deciding to shut down their Muse product and no longer support it. These risks are important to understand. The risks include the following:

  • Lack of support creates security risks which will never be patched.
  • A lack of support creates issues as browsers mature and widgets stop working.
  • Dependency on other Adobe products could result in site component failures.
  • Flash is soon to be EOL and as a result, any Flash integration will result in failure of Muse widgets.
  • Adobe has a history of merging products and breaking backward compatibility.
  • Adobe has a poor track record regarding security vulnerabilities.
  • Adobe has a poor history of failed experiments with web publishing products. Their approach of trying to turn web pages into a similar design methodology to print publishing is bulky, rarely human readable, and inefficient.

U.S. Based Team

We do not outsource your sensitive website work overseas

Our development and technology team are solely based in the USA. You can rest assured that English speaking professionals are handling your conversion project with care. Our team is made of highly experienced and skilled developers, marketers and technologists that can get it done right the first time.

Converting Muse Sites

The technical challenges to converting Muse sites to WordPress

Without getting too technical with you, it’s important to understand that you can’t just click a button and convert your Muse developed site into HTML or a WordPress theme format. The file types and underlying technology that Adobe uses within their files and development software are unique and proprietary. So we developed custom tools, processes, and procedures to make this easy and accurate. That’s why we are able to convert your Muse site to WordPress at a great price and so quickly.

We’ll Get It Done Fast

Time is money for any business, especially yours

Well, to be honest, it is for us as well. So we have developed ways to convert your Muse site as quickly as possible, saving you and us time AND money. It’s a win-win. In fact, most of our Muse website conversions to WordPress take as little as 24 hours. Though your project might take up to 3 days, we try to complete all conversions within 24 hours. It’s great to know what you can expect.

We saw the problem facing Muse site owners and developed a cost-effective solution

It’s pretty simple. There are very few options for Muse site owners to protect their website assets moving forward and do it quickly and at a cost that is reasonable. We saw this happening and decided to do something about it. Our goal is to handle your Muse site conversion to WordPress quickly and efficiently and be there for your additional development and digital marketing needs. Let’s work together!


Get answers to some basic questions about your project

What's the process?

Upon receiving your paid order, one of our team members will be in touch with you to obtain your web hosting information and any other details we will need to complete your Muse to WordPress conversion. The sooner we are able to reach you, the faster your project will be completed.

What about e-commerce?

The conversion options listed above are specifically for non-e-commerce sites. The complications and requirements for converting the e-commerce portion of our Muse site are much different and require additional time and processes. Having said that, we are able to quote you for that additional process after ordering your basic conversion.

I want changes to my site?

Sometimes customers want custom changes and edits to their website and we understand that. The Muse to WordPress conversion packages above are specifically designed to convert what you already have an make it look and work the same. However, you can upgrade to a monthly maintenance package that allows us to maintain, host and make monthly edits to your site also. 

What about my images?

All of the active images and pictures that are on your current Muse website will be transferred and converted into your new WordPress site. There’s nothing to worry about.

Will it look the same?

Sometimes exactly identical isn’t realistic, however, most of our conversions end up looking and functioning nearly the same as your previous Muse site did. In fact, your customers will not even be able to tell anything has changed.

What if something goes wrong?

We make a complete backup of your Muse site before the process begins. We also keep your existing site live until we are sure that the new conversion is completed and correctly rendering on WordPress. If there’s any problem, we can revert back to your old Muse site.