Local Marketing – Retail, B2C, B2B

Marketing For Local Retail Business

Local Marketing Is Specific

Local marketing or more specifically local retail marketing are highly specialized around location. It is very different than marketing for national and regional brands. Understanding the nuances involved in reaching your local market, whether it be for retail or business to business marketing, is crucial to getting results.

Local, Retail Small Business Marketing

At Engage, we specialize in the hyper-local marketing space. We understand what local, retail and small business marketing requires, how to make your local retail marketing stand out and the strategies involved to bring it all together. We focus in on the unique local elements of your business and combine that with the needs and interests of your target audience. Using this formula, we develop unique and specific local retail marketing strategy, branding, messaging, content and graphics that work together across social, search, email and your website. See a highlighted list of our local digital marketing Services.

Integrating multiple tactics, platforms and properties together gives your small business the biggest local retail marketing reach, the most exposure and traffic. Local businesses need traffic both on and offline and that’s what we know and that’s what we do for our local digital marketing clients.

Increasing Local Search Traffic to Your Site

Local digital marketing is changing rapidly within the digital space and making sure you can be found and be found in the right searches is paramount. Small, local business websites have to be mobile and be found effectively on most mobile devices. It takes a strong strategy to make your local website effective and give your audience the ability to find the right information, content and material they were in need of at the exact time they are needing to find it. This connection is the powerful crux of the digital marketing channels and that one aspect being your website.

Understanding the dynamics of local digital marketing channels requires a good foundation of research of small business growth statistics. Many small businesses are expecting real growth and we have identified some of the important small business statistics that every local business needs to know about local marketing.

Some of the most important local search marketing requirements that we address are website messaging and content optimization. The skeletal structure of your local website content consists of the proper messaging, SEO focused content, and additional relevant content to fulfill the audience’s interests and most importantly, their needs.

These are just a few of the local digital marketing components to how to get increased local search results but there are an incredible number of moving parts related to improving small business search traffic that go well beyond what we have just touched the surface here. It is important to understand that local, retail and small business search results have become just as intricate and challenging for the local business as it once was for larger brands. The bar is set very high for what search engines consider related to search rank for the small local business, and it will continue to get higher, not lower.

We want to help you meet that bar and start getting noticed, so you can grow your local business within your market, using our local digital marketing experience. Since the integrated digital marketing era has arrived it is so important to have a partner who can help bridge your business with your customers and provide a local marketing strategy that will make an impact with your current customers and new prospects.

Digital Marketing Channels Require Content

This may surprise you but the numbers support email marketing as the best marketing channel by agencies and number two by internal marketing departments. Both market segments stated that email provides excellent to good return on investment, but cannot be executed profitably by itself. Local business needs to maintain an integrated digital marketing footprint that reaches your customers where they spend their time.

We understand how overwhelming it is to digest, build a strategy that will be successful, carve out time everyday to execute your local marketing and still have time to run your small business. This is why we create relationships with our clients that partners with them to deliver results. We start with education, then we partner with them to design and deploy local marketing programs that get them to the next level.

How best can we partner with you to make local digital marketing and local retail marketing effective? Let’s talk!