Integrated Digital Marketing – What We Do

Small Business Integrated Marketing Is What We Do

Local and Retail Integrated Marketing

Small business marketing today requires multiple channels, even for the most local business. The ability for local marketing to break through the noise and beat the local competition online has become a significant challenge for small businesses. When marketing is done ad hoc, using individual marketing platforms or channels and without proper strategy, local competition can easily overshadow your local brand effectiveness. Results oriented marketing can’t be effective with one, two or a few marketing channels, even at the local level.

Today’s consumer is highly digitally connected. They are on numerous social platforms every single day and discover new local products and local services differently than they did just a decade ago. As newspapers continue to lose ground, consumers get their local news and local content from the web and discover that content via search, social media and on mobile devices. These changes in consumer behavior effect how local people engage with local business from discovery, to becoming a local customer and most importantly a repeat customer.

Your small business marketing has to fit into how your local prospects and local customers work, not the other way around.

Getting Your Business Noticed –

It’s what we do – We build and manage custom small business marketing programs that get your local business noticed, drive traffic and get results!

Keeping Customers Coming Back –

It’s what’s important – Once you have developed a local customer through digital marketing, the goal should be to keep them coming back. We make local retail marketing happen for your small business!

How We Work

We take a total A to Z approach to marketing with our small business client partners. We refuse to cut corners when we know that retail local businesses need real, measurable results. So we start at the beginning, getting to know you and your small business, your products and local services. We also take the time to investigate your competitors and most importantly your existing customers, to ensure an understanding of how to make your local marketing work for you. Yet that still isn’t enough if your marketing is going to be effective.

The next steps we take are what make all the difference for our local small business marketing clients. We spend an incredible amount of time on research, before we code anything for your website, write any copy, design any logos or develop your local marketing strategies. It is incredibly important that your marketing strategy is established on accurate information, and we make sure that it is.

Marketing for local businesses is about data and taking the time to getting it right. Once we know what we didn’t know, we then develop a functional, detailed strategy that is designed for your specific small business, industry and local market. We become your marketing department and serve as your partner.

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