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Anya Caruso - CEO, Engage Inc.Anya Caruso | CEO, Engage Inc ~ Branding Queen

I am an entrepreneur and CEO for Engage Inc. an integrated digital marketing and branding agency, founded in 2010 and I have learned quite a bit since those early days. I was blessed to be awarded in 2014, The Best of Newburyport Award for Best Advertising Agency and things have been revving up since then.

Honestly, I just have a heart to give back to those who show up and bring it every day in their business and family life. So, after discussing things with my partner, we created this amazing opportunity to get your BRAND SHINING!

Are you ready? Let’s start with the basics…

Successful Small Brands Create A Product

Many successful small brands place a significant emphasis on their product first. It makes perfect sense that the product is where many small business brands get their start and where their focus and expertise reside. Solving a specific problem that they expertly understand is the genesis of how the new business gets its start, however, there are many additional skills required to taking a product and making it a successful business.

In fact, research reveals some interesting information about why entrepreneurs and small businesses start their company.

Let’s run through the top reasons:

1) 51% of companies interviewed said that their biggest motivation for starting their own business was to pursue their passion, ambition, or skill.

2) 42% stated that they had a desire for financial independence.

3) 38% wanted the opportunity to innovate/become an entrepreneur.

You are probably in the camp of one of these, if not ALL three statements!Small Business From Product to Profitability

Interested in reading the full article? Click here!

But is this the FIRST STEP?


Do You Have a Real Brand?

If your brand’s messaging and logomark – the foundational element for your company, is not correctly developed and designed, how are you going to successfully scale your product?

How can your customer base grow if your brand is built on an unstable foundation? Therefore it makes sense that your product offering will matter little if you don’t invest in the first building block to your company FIRST!

Start with developing your messaging and logomark FIRST in order to amplify your product!

Mini Brand Amplifier – $899 PACKAGE

Engage Inc. is offering for a short time a mini brand development package!

This is an opportunity to have your brand developed and designed correctly and allow you to leverage every other aspect of your marketing from here on out. It affords you the luxury to scale and grow a prosperous company. This exclusive mini brand package was formed out of our heart to help other startups and entrepreneurs, whether you are just launching or need to re-launch your business. We want to provide you with the most effective and successful way to do it – by creating the best brand possible.

Your brand logomark and messaging have to be the strongest foundation you have before creating anything else within your marketing sphere!

Research, Logomark and Messaging

Mini Brand Dev Amplifier Package

So, here is what you will receive in this BRAND Amplifying Package –

  • Mini local market research, competitive assessment and target audience analysis.

  • Intake meeting with thorough review of company history (historical overview), current company marketing status, future company goals and brand legacy. Brand intake sheet will be provided prior to scheduled call.

  • Creation of 3 unique logomark concepts based on research, analysis and company goals gathered from intake.

  • Each concept is designed to explore the three specific viable directions for your brand.

  • Color analysis and development for approved final concept

  • Deliverable vector ready artwork of final brand – AI/Photoshop

  • Brand files for social profiles and internet ready application – JPG and PNG

  • Brand files for print applications – PDF [hi-res]

Best Branding Deal Around

This exclusive brand package is valued at over $1,500 and is only available for a limited time through your 28 Carrots Offer!

Get Your Brand On Girl!

This is an offer I usually charge anywhere from $1,500 – $5,000!

But I truly want to help create the best foundational footprint for you. So, I scaled back some of the research and assessment components, plus the extensive application package I usually offer to bring you what I think is the best mini branding package on the market!

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Remember just because it looks good doesn’t mean it scales. Let’s start creating your brand today, so your marketing can amplify from there!