Marketing Services – Methodology

How Motivation, Messaging and Media Form the Framework for Your Marketing



Motivation is crucial for taking your business to the next level and scaling your sales growth. What are those hard-to-pin-down elements that drive your business and audience to convert into loyal customers?

Motivation is crucial for taking your business to the next level. What are those hard-to-pin-down components that drive your business and audience to convert to loyal customers? Passion is the fuel in the creation of any successful venture. Energy that is inert but sustainable! This motivation (either purpose or passion depending on context) must be delivered as a vehicle of growth in its development, but also flexible enough to nurture into the next evolution of the company. Have you lost your motivation? Is it being pulled out through a ‘crack’ in the system that is unseen? Pure, direct motivation is often invisible in a business plan, but is the fuel to breaking new ground or launching out of the start-up threshold.


The power to influence and initiate action has always been a major player in marketing and communication. Messaging is a fundamental piece to that puzzle. How well do you communicate to your audience?

The power to influence and inspire people has always been touted as a major factor in marketing prowess. Messaging is a fundamental piece of this foundation. How are you communicating your concept, service or product to your end user? How do they interpret and perceive your message? The message needs to be generated from the core of the brand and have a clarity that even a child could grasp. Have you evaluated your message? Do you know if you have one? If you already have a strong message, is it possible that your customers are translating it as something completely different?


Media now has the power to start, launch and create industry revolutions. The simple question is, what can it offer for your products/services, company and growing brand so you gain visibility and harness conversion?

Media now has the power to start, launch and create revolutions. The simple question is what can it do for your company? We live in a diverse and visibly complex digital age, which can make it both exciting and daunting at the same time. What media channel will work best for my return on my investment (ROI)? Does it develop into phases, all done at one time, or in multi or single spectrums? The answers vary, but standing like a deer in the headlights can cause more harm than creating a simple strategy that matches your budget scope. The parade will go by and you can’t afford to watch it all move ahead with your business left in a cloud of dust. Media evaluation can be done using a series of analyses and market awareness. Target markets, geo-location, and the category of the product/service will help thread this intricate media marketing strategy that will not only launch you into the parade, but also create a trail for the audience to follow behind you!